Friday, February 10, 2017

favorite series

My favorite series right now is the CW Flash show.  If you have never seen the the show it is an adaptation of DC comic book of the same tittle. It actual came to be because of another show called Arrow and adaptation of DC' Green Arrow. Those two shows then caused the creation of two more shows called Supergirl And Legends of Tomorrow. These four show are all connected and what happens in one show can effect the other three. I highly recommend all three of this shows but mostly the flash. If u want to watch this in a way that they make sense together and avoided spoiler (a premature explanation of the ending) the sessions line up as as follows. Season 1 and 2 of the Arrow are alone season 3 and season 1 of the Flash line up season 4 of Arrow and 2 of Flash line up with season 1 of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Here are links to where you can see all four shows
Legends of Tomorrow

So the actual story of the show is about a man named Barry Allen who was struck by lighting the same at that a wave of dark matter from a partial accelerator explosion passed over the city. This accented puts him in a 9 month coma but when he awakes he has supper speed. He the uses hes powers to fight evil meta humans. Witch are people that were given super powers by the same wave of dark mater as Barry. There a lot more that i don't wanna give away but it is a fun and existing show. If you like Since fiction the I highly recommend it.